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Moving host, contact details, outsourcing is bidirectional

After 4 years hosted at UKSolutions, I moved to TextDrive.

Weblog migration was straight forward, except for one gotcha (which in truth was to do with upgrading and not migration). Most of my other online stuff is static and/or dumpable. As Textdrive supports DAV and Subversion, I'll be uploading subversion repositories and calendars this weekend.

It all seems to have gone well.

And then there's DNS. UKSolutions, the registrar for my domains, will let you set wildcard DNS and that sort of thing, but can't by default allow the domain to have an authorative nameserver that isn't theirs. In fairness they hinted they might be able to set that up, but I decided instead to transfer registrars to domainsmadeeasy, and I'll eventually run the DNS records from dnsmadeeasy. The records are frigged for now so that http://dehora.net and http://www.dehora.net will point to TextDrive's server, but mail is still going to the UKSolutions mailserver for the time being. So the site was down for a bit yesterday while the records propagated. Neither registrar are dragging their feet; the transfer was begun the same day.

Contact: If you're trying to contact me by email, there's a chance some of my mail accounts - bill@dehora.net and lists@dehora.net- will go off the air at some point when I change mailservers. Instead try dehora@eircom.net (I have a Gmail account dehora@gmail.com which I never read - don't use that).

No, I'm not moving to the US. So, why the switch? I have nothing but good things to say about UKSolutions. However I live in Dublin, and the Euro/Sterling exchange hurts, and show no sign of hurting less in the future. I never found a suitable Irish ISP in the 4 years I've been here, and had been looking at US options for a while, given the Euro/Dollar rate. But it's not all about the bottom-line, the host has to be up for it (such as intangibles like being able to diagnose issues with a UKSolutions salesperson and overall competence). Now that I found a host in TextDrive that Definitely Gets It, the move made sense. The only pity is they're not domain registrars.

Armchair outsourcing pundits and globalization wonks take note. I just outsourced my IT services to the United States.

September 10, 2005 12:43 PM


Joe Walker
(September 10, 2005 02:02 PM #)

It's funny how you assume that everyone lives in the US.

My server has been hosted with UK-Solutions for a while. I've mostly only got good things to say about them too.

What's making me want to change right now is the bandwidth charges. I had a mail a few days ago saying that DWR was making the server chew 25G/month. It's very tempting to stick the server on the end of a business ADSL line given their bandwidth prices.

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