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Ted Neward has had enough of the JBoss/Geronimo thing

"JBoss goes out of business, the JBoss source code goes back to being maintained by developers whose principal interest is in maintaining open-source projects rather than making money, and it all gets folded together with what the Geronimo folks are doing. In other words, the open-source community stops the infighting* and starts pulling oars in the same direction at the same time. For once."

Ted might want to look at JOnAS if he hasn't already. I don't know why it doesn't get more attention. While the ASF and JBoss.org have been squabbling over rights, ObjectWeb have been shipping solid code. JORAM in particular is a quality JMS implementation.

There was a curious comment on Ted's entry from Mohan Radhakrishnan:

"So if JDK 6 ships then that would be the first time in Java's history most companies working on client Java projects would be 2 major versions behind."

I hadn't though of it like that before. Interesting. And Dolphin, aka Java 7 is in the pipeline.

* Note the mischaracterisation: the ASF+JBoss are hardly the "open-source community" and I doubt they consider their particular debate "infighting".

January 3, 2006 02:53 AM


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