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Cut-and-Paste Year

January, "We're not so much building on the programming state of the art as continually have each generation of programmers rediscover it." February, "I honestly don't think I'll even finish the Structure And Interpretation of Computer Programs." March, "Services don't get finished, they become available, and then need to stay available." April, "From the Joseph Heller school of specification." May, "Java good for plumbing, Ruby good for taps." June, "If you're in the software business you'll know by now that data is the new platform." July, "Be careful, it's not all solved in the system architecture." August, "Ain't web architecture grand?" September, "Right now,the way phones, PVRs, computers, handhelds just don't work together makes life very difficult." October, "Gravy granules. The recipe says three quarters of an ounce of gravy granules. The gravy granules thing is metric. And we only have a teaspoon. me: That's what we call systems integration in work." November, "Time to write a todo list webapp? 16mins." December, "It may turn out to be a surprise for the industry, but I think the people in the trenches saw it coming a long time ago."

January 2, 2006 01:24 AM


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