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"There has been much talk about component architectures but only one true success: Unix pipes." - Rob Pike

January 17, 2006 03:08 PM


Adam Vandenberg
(January 17, 2006 03:42 PM #)

When was that quote made?

(January 17, 2006 05:16 PM #)

(January 20, 2006 02:45 AM #)

I really really hate to say it, but Monad shell looks amazing. It has pipes, except instead of data it's objects. I know I'm the only one on this boat, but really think this is far more the direction of the systems revolution than web services, not to say that the two arent complementary. I just think web services are something buisnesses need and want but wont directly impact developers until there's some kind of shift in how we develop. Systems like monad could be that shift. Although I'll reserve, I've got my bets placed on like.

I nearly didnt read the paper. Then I saw the title. Then I opened it. And I saw rob@plan9.bell-labs.com... Hmm, a plan9 paper entitled "System Software Research is Irrelevant"... righteous.

Oh the papers thesis, there are some very interesting systems projects growing up these days. Dragonfly BSD, gstreamer, fuse, continued trickling in macrokernel world, continued bubbling out of thin client. The multi-core revolution is going to tear down a lot of whats entrenched. Just look at how much rip and replace AMD's HyperTransport has forced on the hardware end of things. Look at P.A. semi. Look at the growing pervasiveness of embedded linux. The software world is going to have to follow these changes, and while there are thse fore-runners doing great interesting things, I really think its only going to get better. One day we'll get the true information architecture, hybrid data management and programming.

I feel like so much of what he says is only more applicable now; we have all these web services, but they're all depth, there's zero bredth to pull the system together. WSDL is the closest we've got and look how its used; to build SOAP proxies. Hardly a systems oriented use.

This paper is mother-fucking grade-a double-awsome. So solid. I feel much much better. Computer engineering as... ::gasp:: art!?!?  Fantastic!

Till agin,

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