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RSS2.0 - have it your way

On the Web there is a simplicity cult of people.

Adam Green: "And the simple fact is that RSS sucks. Anyone who works with it knows that there are huge holes and weaknesses in the spec and the current implementations"

Just when you thought RSS2.0 was frozen. Not at RSS2.0, but RSS2.0.1. RSS2.0.1 has in turn seen 6 revisions since 2003. There's now an RSS2.0.2 draft spec. There's a school of thought that says changes to the RSS2.0 spec should leave the version at 2.0 since all the changes are really just clarifications and filling out things that were once unsaid. As if we lived in some imaginary place where spec clarifications don't break software. The spec mind you, is "frozen" at 2.0.1. To be it precise has been frozen for the last 6 revisions of 2.0.1. Although there might be "clarifications" resulting in future minor versions - not errata - clarifications. And each minor version can presumably have revisions (in the same way RSS2.0.1 has had six revisions).

I believe I need new working definitions of "frozen", "versions", "revisions" and major.minor.patch numbering schemes if I'm to understand what's going on with RSS2.0. Overall governance of the spec is unclear.

And there's me worrying about Atom confusing the market.

February 18, 2006 03:24 PM


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