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Information Underload. Part I, Feed By Time

I'm subscribed to hundreds and hundreds of feeds. It's starting to get ridiculous, even just scrolling through them is a time eater.

So today I did two things. First I removed about a hundred or so feeds that seem to be inactive not in my sphere of interest (whatever that means) or I just didn't recognise anymore*. Then I split the rest into four buckets:

  • work feeds
  • once-a-day
  • once-a-week
  • once-a-month

Work feeds (and wow we have a good few of those now, where did they come from?) and once-a-day, I'll follow... once a day. Once-a-week and once-a-month are for periodic checking either because the content is infrequent but good, or the content is very infrequent but very good. It also means I don't have have really (really) long scrolling screens in my reader (feeddemon) anymore.

I figure these buckets are going to be more general than thematic or tag based ones - all the interesting bloggers are multi-faceted anyway, and as regards tagging, well I outsourced that problem to del.icio.us, long ago.

Analogies to Lifestreams style temporal interfaces welcomed.

feed by time

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* One good reason perhaps why you should use your name on your weblog. The (my) brain can generally do name lookups way faster than obscure brandname or tagline lookups. We're not all Tim Bray or Jason Fried. I know what's going to over the next few months tho' - I'm going to end up following links to a blog articles and realise I'm not subscribed to someone cool, whom I used to be. And into the once-a-month they will go.

April 22, 2006 05:57 PM


James Corbett
(April 24, 2006 11:39 AM #)

I use FeedDemon as my main aggregator too Bill but unsubcribed lately from a number of blogs that you might categorise as 'once-a-month'. Now I just Feed Graze those in both Grazr and Optimal Browser instead.

I don't like the river-of-news model for my main subscriptions but find it appropriate for my low priority feeds. Feed Grazers effectively give you a "River of Rivers-of-News".

Scott Mark
(April 25, 2006 12:21 PM #)

I really like that style of organization. I was originally going to respond that I see that as more of an aggregator problem - you should be able to tag/categorize and set up sub notifications based on the schedule you want to read them.

While I still think that, I more strongly agree with your multi-faceted comment. I am most interested in the blogs where people stray in and out of work topics, or in and out of roles. Some blogs I most enjoy are hardest to fit into my canned caegories.