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Instant Messaging for P2P

Steve: Developing on the Edge - JXTA is five.

"Now that everyone has forgotten about P2P, it's time to remember that it has uses. One of the nice things is that by decoupling destinations from hostnames, and using relay sites outside the firewall, JXTA, Jabber, etc, can all do two-way comms despite the presence of firewalls."

I was pretty excited about JXTA a few years ago. XMPP and firewall adminstrators killed most of it, along with complexity - JXTA is the WS-* of P2P. I think most of the P2P use cases that aren't covered off by bittorrent will get eaten by Instant Messsaging technology, particulary XMPP. Mostly what's left are pub/sub push and blackboard style drop and pickup coordination stories.

Ever shared files on the work lan via XMPP? Try it. XMPP filesharing *kills* Web Drop Box, and Send File Over Email antipatterns. Except that being behind a firewalled NAT makes it difficult for non-software types. And XMPP will probably do nicely for voice over IP.

Internet Application Protocols always win.

April 26, 2006 08:25 AM


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