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Launch Missiles? Ok. Cancel.

More SOA fretting, this time from Jason Bloomberg:

"This tool leverages several Services that form part of the SOA governance framework, but the executive is none the wiser about these technical details; all managers need to know is that they have the authority to change certain corporate policies via the corporate portal. As such, the exec can go into the portal and adjust the Service-level agreement (SLA) for corporate reporting that includes the required report, changing the turnaround time for corporate data from "up to one week" to "up to one day," through the click of a button.

Now IT has a problem, as the Butterfly Effect takes its toll. Will the IT infrastructure be able to respond to the executive's change automatically, or will it require manual intervention by the IT staff? Will IT simply fail to satisfy the new SLA? Even worse, what if different executives have entered more than one policy change during the same period of time? Which one should IT address first? " - ZapThink :: Research - SOA Governance and the Butterfly Effect

Software was specified, designed and written so that an exec could click a button. Now there's this potential cascade of issues due to a clicking on that button. The question to ask is - why was the button there?

April 28, 2006 12:08 AM


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