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The sky is falling in, more after this

Nick Carr: "The more we suck in information from the blogosphere or the web in general, the more we tune our minds to brief bursts of input. It becomes harder to muster the concentration required to read books or lengthy articles - or to follow the flow of dense or complex arguments in general. Haven't you, dear blog reader, noticed that, too?"

Nick Carr's weblog is fascinating. I subscribed the minute I head he had one since the book is a personal favourite. Its calculated cynical faux-Ludditism is perfect for baiting technologists. Watching Carr criticize, undermine and attempt to devalue IT technology, particulary web technology, while doing so using web technology is so wonderfully ironically dissonant. It's like the watching a news reporter talk on TV about "The Media" as though the media was really something else. That many of the posts have real grist makes it all the better.

April 14, 2006 03:30 PM


(April 21, 2006 05:11 PM #)

Well, it does seem a bit oxymoronic, I agree but Chronic Partial Attention is getting us all a bit looped in the brain.

That is why the long, slow reads will always be good for us. Old media, alas. Marshall McLuhan, media theorist, was prescient when he said the media will become an extension of man.

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