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Moving from CVS to SVN at java.net

Matt Raible: "It's costing $750 to convert AppFuse from CVS to SVN"

Ouch. I wonder how much of that money gets kicked back to the authors of cvs2svn. Even at sourceforge you can get at the tarball of the CVS repo, which you can convert with cvs2svn on your own dime. Heck, it cost me less than that to get a lifetime account with Textdrive, where you can run your own cvs and svn repositories. With policies like that, java.net doesn't seem to have much of a future in OSS hosting, given subversion is likely to go mainstream next year.

Data is the new lockin. And if you can't move it, it's not your data.

July 29, 2006 11:22 PM


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