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Murano Magic

Leo Simons:

"We convert from RDF to different specialized XML formats and back again. We convert from RDF to excel spreadsheets and back again (ugh). We have our jira instance hooked up to our RDF store. We convert RDF to other kinds of RDF. We have custom RDF visualization tools. We have custom RDF store crawlers that do efficient validation. We have RDF schemas that control the behavior of other distributed systems by adding intelligence to the core schema. We do triple timestamping. We do intelligent schema-driven indexing. We have custom libraries to make doing wicket-based, RDF-based web application development easier. Oh, we do RDF-based web applications. In short, we do more RDF than you can shake a stick at. So not a day goes by without some of our developers swearing about "RDF" or "metadata", since in many ways RDF still isn't exactly mature technology. But we'll fix the warts, and contribute those fixes back to the open source community."

via Danny - cool; finding TV was my final year project (machine learning over graphs pulled out of program descriptions). I can't see this being done over broadcast networks - being able to tag TV would be awesome, but being able to *rate* TV would kill the advertising industry, which in turn kills TV unless you disabled ratings for ads. So I guess this runs over IP networks. And if TVP is any good, Google might buy them, if only to manage the innovation.

November 16, 2006 10:50 PM


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