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Still done seeking

Tim Bray compares Frameworks. The man has a gift for breaking things down to their essence. I left a comment saying more or less that Java isn't a framework, and Rails hasn't been around long enough to say one way or another whether it's maintainable, not by Tim's timelines (I help maintain systems that are older than Rails, so I'm not entirely clueless on this one). Still, it's good to see *someone* out there thinking about maintenance. On maintenance; I'll add one more criteria - if you're doing to do heavy metaprogramming or runtime monkey patching, be sure to ship with tests.

For what it's worth, I still stand by this: web frameworks reloaded.

November 10, 2006 07:54 PM


Paul Browne - TIPE
(November 22, 2006 11:39 AM #)

Any opinion as to which framework *within* the Java space will win out?

Struts was pretty much the defacto standard, but Ajax has shaken things up a bit.

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