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Switch Blocks

A while back, I said,

"Put it this way - if I can't get down to the Burlo to hang out in the bar with Steve Loughran, I don't have time to change OSes. "

Well, I finally got around it, and spottily documented how it went in a post. That post got picked up by Digg, as a result there's nearly 40 comments, many of which deserve a response. I'll do that as another post real soon now.

Anyway, back then , I asked what does Ubuntu have that covers these off:

  1. Feeddemon
  2. Visio (as clumsy as visio is, dia isn't at the races)
  3. Word screen split (this is what stops me from using Oo all the time)
  4. Copernic

The answers turned out to be:

  1. feeddemon: Bloglines
  2. Visio: Dual boot into windows, be accepting of reality
  3. Word split screen: Write shorter better organised documents, have the discipline to write exec summaries and rollups at the end
  4. Copernic: Beagle

Eclipse is now my Python IDE of choice on Ubuntu thanks to PyDev. Using a Java app platform to write Python apps makes me quite the wit ;). Although a few colleagues had been telling me to get onto PyDev for while. Now I wonder if XULRunner could be packaged as an OSGI plugin for Eclipse - that would be interesting.

Finally - what's up with Debian stable, shipping with Subversion 1.1.4? 1.1.4 is about 18 months old; in the meantime Ubuntu is running 1.3.x. I wanted to use viewvc in work but couldn't as it requires a higher Subversion rev than Debian stable allows for.

November 9, 2006 12:54 PM


(November 9, 2006 11:54 AM #)

Heh. It's 1.1.4 because it's STABLE. Security patches are backported, and I don't need to worry about sudden feature changes on a live system. Nor do I have to keep recompiling everything to keep up with head, while worrying that the latest and greatest might just bork the system.

Besides, I'm the BOFH, so suck it up. ;)

Bill de hOra
(November 10, 2006 03:13 AM #)

"Heh. It's 1.1.4 because it's STABLE"

I reckon 1.3 svn is more stable than Debian stable, based on eyeball theory alone (as in there are more svn deployments than servers running Debian). If svn 1.3/4 hasn't landed it's not for stability reasons. We're going to go 10 rounds on this, but you know it's true :)

Now; where's that slashdotting post you promised ;)