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December 31, 2006

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December 23, 2006


Coté: "It's crap and short. Two things that go great together!"

December 21, 2006

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Gears of Web

Beyond the SOAP Search API

Whatever. I'm off looking at bigtable, repository metadata and how to publish document hierarchies with atom protocol. And maybe an email to timesheet gateway.

December 18, 2006

Overhead, without any fuss

Steve calls it: "Slowly, all over the world, the lights on the SOAP endpoints are going out"


Sam Ruby:"At the moment, HTML and XHTML are two different authoring formats covering roughly the same domain of DOM trees."

December 12, 2006

Five things

Five things you might not know about me:

  1. I went to Art college to study Industrial Design, deciding not to do CS. I loved drawing, especially inking and cartoon. Years ago, I got to hang out for a while with Dave Sim at Lenny Henry's 40th birthday. He drew me a drunk Cerebus on the back of a till receipt.
  2. I came to software late, and for many years I had no interest in computers whatsoever. I wrote my first computer program at 14, and my second one at 26. My vocation is still a surprise to me.
  3. After leaving London, moving to Ireland was not my first choice, the US and Canada were.
  4. The singlemost important event of my life was becoming a father. Thrice.
  5. I have a signed copy of Now and Then by Joe Heller. When I worked in a bar we (the staff) and he drank a bottle of Macallans at the bar and watched someone else read his words from his book at the launch party for that book which he was at.

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December 07, 2006

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December 06, 2006

Budget 2007

Breakdown: Budget 2007 Information

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December 03, 2006

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December 02, 2006

On The Impossibility of wooden toys for Christmas in Modern Ireland

[As heard in car today]

mum: Son, it said on the radio that Santa sent an email saying to remind all the children to send in their Christmas letters. Do you want to finish yours this evening?

(5 year old) son: *snort* - right.

mum: what's so funny?

son: Santa did not send an email, mum. He probably doesn't even have a computer. It's Santa. That's probably a fake Santa anyway.

mum: you don't think Santa has a computer?

son: No.

mum: What about a mobile phone?

son: Of course Santa has a mobile phone, mum. What kind of an adult doesn't have a mobile phone?

December 01, 2006

You lost me right about there

William Brogden: "Another important, but frequently unappreciated point is that, in contrast with REST which requires HTTP, SOAP messages can be moved by any transport method which can handle Unicode text"

That's one confusing sentence. "Rest, which depends on HTTP" - that's like saying Object Oriention depends on Java. Unicode? You can move unicode text HTTP and you can move SOAP across systems that can't handle unicode (as long as it's encoded as UTF-8).

Otherwise, interesting read, but light - it doesn't get into the problems with either approach, which is what we need for field work.