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Technical reading list 2007

I want to keep this post updated over the course of the year. I'm curious to compare what I said I'd read versus what I actually did read. Update: added a list of book recommendations from people

Programming and Languages


Java Concurrency in Practice. This was on my last currently reading list and I'm not finished yet. Clearly the standard reference for understanding Java's recent concurrency features.

Javascript the definitive guide. Now that AJAX is white hot, there's a fifth edition with plenty of new material. I've heard mixed reviews, but I'll go on faith - Flanagan is a good writer.

Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming. Also on my most recent "currently reading" list. I'm about 2/3 through, and I suspect this is one of those texts that you read over and over, and don't really "finish". Brilliant and important book, absent of the religious baggage that surrounds programming paradigms.

Code Complete, 2nd ed. More than any other book starting out, this one set me right as far as good habits go. Before the pragmatic and effective books, there was Code Complete. The first edition has timeless advice, but is technically out of out date; I'm curious to see how the second edition holds up.


The Toyota Product Development System. The lean movement has approaches that might be applied to software development. I'm interested in concurrent set based engineering - working on multiple design options in parallel and converging on solutions. It's a probabilistic technique, and like many things probabilistic, it's counter-intuitive.

Software Systems Architecture. As much out curiosity as anything else, to see how the SEI/CMMI/ISO crowd think about articulating a design.

Framework Design Guidelines. Apparently this is derived from internal material at Microsoft. I'm curious to see how they do things in the big house.

Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools. Second edition! After 20 years! Apparently it's a full update, plus two new chapters.

Project Management and Planning

Agile Estimating and Planning. It'll be interesting to compare this to McConnell's Software Estimation. The contents of Chapter 2 "Why Planning Fails", along with the emphasis on stating exit criteria and features hit enough of my hot buttons to take a further look.

Proactive Risk Management. I'd like to understand more about quantative approaches to risk. Risk management only works if risks are managed; an unattended laundry list drawn up at the beginning of a project and left to wallow therefater doesn't cut it.

Applied Software Project Management. Expecting good things about this one going by articles by Stelling and Greene on oreilly.com.


Waltzing with Bears, Tom DeMarco. From Jonas.

January 3, 2007 03:41 AM


(January 3, 2007 12:15 AM #)

If you want a really good book about risk management, read "Waltzing with Bears" by Tom DeMarco, it's the best one I know. It has a very informal and pragmatic approach that is easily implemented instead of complex formulas leading nowhere.

I'll definitely read some of your other suggestions.

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