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You lost me right there

Alex Blewitt: "The general idea of REST (and you should take time out to read Roy Fielding's PhD thesis on the subject if you haven't done so already) is to make URLs associate with specific items, and to use PUT as well as GET and DELETE to be able to iteract, and not cookie-based state or server-side hooks. "

Well, now. That's hardly the nutshell version I had in mind. On a more general note about this JSR and how the 'REST community' is reacting to it - I haven't been as unimpressed with a technology community since the WS crowd were depicting the REST crowd as a bunch of toymaking clownpunchers a few years back. I'm shocked, shocked to find that ex-cathedra opining is acting in place of technical criticism - still.

February 15, 2007 09:20 PM


Rafael de F. Ferreira
(February 16, 2007 01:05 AM #)

The REST-discuss thread does seem to exhale a certain odor of condemnation. But, reading carefully, you can see that many of the messages (including yours, IIRC) mentioned applications to the EG. So it appears that the skepticism is turning into a desire to help (even if "desire to help" is phrased more like "desperate attempt to avert tragic disaster").

(February 16, 2007 07:53 AM #)

Ouch that hurts really. That definition physically hurts. It's also quite funny to see how someone can discover APP just now. About time :)

(February 16, 2007 10:46 AM #)

hmm, maybe its just me but I think most people have to use ex cathedra opining on new specs rather than technical criticism to determine if it is worth the time to build up any technical criticism, given that the world is full of specs and time is limited.

Now if the reason for a new spec is because technology X is more complicated than technology Y and thus we need a spec for technology X, and yet commentators have clear technical reasons for saying that technology Y is more complicated than technology X and the people that are offering up specs for technology X have collaborated in the complicated specs for technology Y then it might be that commentators could be forgiven a little bit of ex cathedra suspicion, bile, and contempt.

anyway it is extremely sweet all this Rest triumphalism right now, maybe I can get in a bit of marching about, laughing, and handing out of noogies before I move on to greener pastures.

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