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Say again?

Update:: InfoQ have a new leader up, XUL: What the web should look like?. Nice going!

I mostly like InfoQ, but the how can you have a leader titled "Is XML the Future of UI Development?", and not mention XUL? In the 'XML as UI language' category, XUL was one of the first. It must be half a decade old now.

April 9, 2007 08:44 AM


(April 8, 2007 06:40 PM #)

Hi Bill, feel free too add this educational perspective in the comments. We don't claim to be experts but we do our best to keep the community informed. This particular post was initially meant for the .NET community only (where XUL is not really talked about much) but I later went in and tagged it Java as well since I thought it would be relevant there.

Floyd from InfoQ

Jonathan Allen
(April 9, 2007 04:33 AM #)

Thanks for the heads up, I'm running a short intro piece on Monday.

It doesn't fall into one of our primary communities so I can't say you can expect a lot of XUL coverage from us. But I'll be happy to at least run major annoucements.

Stefan Tilkov
(April 9, 2007 07:18 AM #)

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