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Shipping notes

Connector: If I understand this correctly, it means that Joyent's collaboration suite is now available as open source. Connector is a rare beast - groupware that isn't crap. Small to mid level companies who aren't ready to move things like calendaring and file management to an online service provider should check this one out.

SmartFrog 3.11.005beta. Deployment is the new Testing. Everyone and their granny is having to push web applications onto laterally scaling clusters, drop patches and security releases. It's more than fancy scp and resetting symlinks - you have push out config files, make sure things come up in the right order, migrate the db, bounce httpd, run smoke tests, flush caches, roll back to a know good state deployments if things go bad And so on. SmartFrog is the only story Java has for this problem*, and given the complexity of the problem space, it's a good solution.

Ivy 2.0 Alpha 2. Ivy is a lovely, flexible solution to dependency management in Java, if you aren't prepared to do bite off maven or don't have a home-rolled solution, Ivy is worth a look; it fits like a glove with Ant. It's still in the Apache incubator, but Ivy counts as 'mature' these days.

JRuby1.0. I'm probably the last person on the planet to mention that JRuby 1.0 shipped.. Once you get past the Ruby hype, there's serious momentum in the form of engineering work been put into making JRuby performant and solid. It's been stable for some time, but having a "One Oh" is a big deal psychologically.

*Monkey. Ok, not shipping yet, but a Big Deal imo. Ruby, Python on Tamarin. Tamarin on IE. Tamarin with a JiT. I'm surprised the weblogs aren't on fire over these. Maybe I'm reading selectively, but this suite seems to be a bigger deal than stuff like Silverlight.

Atom Protocol. Is nearly done. Even though I'm a co-editor, and hence have some bias, this one will be fun to watch. AtomPub sits in a very strange place, as it has the potential to disrupt half a dozen or more industry sectors, such as, Enterprise Content Management, Blogging, Digital/Desktop Publishing and Archiving, Mobile Web, EAI/WS-* messaging, Social Networks, Online Productivity tools. As interesting as the adoption rates, will be people and sectors finding reasons not use it to protect distribution channels and data lockins with more complicated solutions. Any kind of data garden is fair game for AtomPub to rationalize.

* I also know about Puppet, Capistrano, and cfengine. SmartFrog/Puppet would be my choices; though I suspect you could start with Capistrano and move up to either.

July 30, 2007 11:29 PM


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