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Servlets+JSP design question

Stefan Tilkov: "Personally, though, I believe I’d skip using a framework altogether, and go with JSPs and one or more hand-coded Servlets — I’ve not seen Java Web Frameworks yet that do not attempt to hide the Web from me."

This is an interesting sounding "back to basics" notion from Stefan. However it's easy to forget that Servlets were Java's response to CGI, way back when. Here's is the link for Stefan's entry:


I'm wondering how would one produce a URL space for a blog style archive, using Servlets+JSP, and do so in a way that isn't a CGI/RPC explicit call? That is, the URLs don't end up like this:


with one constraint - "just a servlet" that pulls java_web_frameworks.html direct from a "2007/08/15" folder on the filesystem and byapsses JSP is out. All the response is to be generated via JSP. Would we need to a create framework, however 'micro'?

A counterfactual question to ask next is, if we didn't start out with a URL space in mind, would Servlets+JSP naturally lead us to CGI style call or not?

August 15, 2007 11:17 AM