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Mobile Lists

Bernie Goldbach:

"Good mobile data is inherently easy to use, quick to display and minimalist to ensure rapid download and quick comprehension. I would not want to think that the next generation of mobile internet screens--the ones set to appear in automobiles--will be as cluttered as the script-heavy, widget-filled, distracting experiences that represent most of the worldwide web today. There are strong reasons for a special flavour of mobile web information. The iPhone tries to repackage information attractively. A well-developed mobile web site presents clean-coded information that works well on an iPhone or a smaller mobile phone browser."

I'm new to the whole mobile web thing, but it seems to me, on constrained devices like phones everything ends up being a list. Or put another way, all the sites I find easy to use and navigate (like BBC news online) are list based. So, why not just use syndication feeds for everything?

August 1, 2007 11:58 PM


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