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Howard Lewis Ship:

What I love about Maven is dependency management, including the transitive dependencies and all the related scopes.

I also like the (theoretically) integrated documentation. I like the APT format for getting docs written without getting hung up on formatting & etc.

I like building at the project or at the module level.

However, in practice, Maven is painful.

The comments are also worth reading. I've always held that Maven is a good idea, let down by its implementation.

I suspect many people have a bad impression of Ant from the pre-1.6 days and having to do hacks like entity inclusion to manage large projects. Specifically the pain points were subprojects and jar dependencies. This resulted in evaluating/using Maven or a homerolled system. But today, Ant's support for big projects is really quite good, better than Maven's. And Ant is nothing if not solid. If you want to see what a modern Ant based build system can do, get Steve Loughran's book, Ant in Action, or go to antbook.org. I don't see a use for Maven or its conceptual weight, given Ant 1.7+Ivy.

August 28, 2007 01:27 PM