scala and android

I just ran "ant -projecthelp" on Scala trunk (Ubuntu is stuck on 2.3 and I wanted to see the generics support in 2.6.x) and saw this:

  •      Convert this project's .class files into .dex files
  • android.libraries  Builds the Scala library for Android
  • android.sources    Create the source directory for Android library

I had no idea. Digging around the source tree shows trunk/docs/android-examples. Having Scala run on Android is very cool. Digging around online shows that Daneil Lorch picked up on this a few days ago, and there is an Android howto on

Scala: I remember reading Brian McCallister praise it years ago, taking a look for a bit, and moving on. But I've been goofing around with Scala on and off for a few months now (in part a knock on from Erlang and some long bets). Some bells have been going off recently; I have to say I'm getting sucked in.


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    Found another relatively friendly way to install Scala 2.6.1 was using the Redhat RPM download from combined with "alien" to build a dpkg I could install - howto here